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Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack

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Deal found at: Walmart

Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack:

  • Pigment-based ink formulation for long-lasting dark blacks
  • Dye-based ink formulation for beautiful colors
  • Fully compatible replacement for PG-245 black ink cartridges and CL-246 color ink cartridges
  • Genuine Canon ink cartridges allow free access to premium content via Creative Park Premium
  • FINE (Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) Technology
  • Compatible with PIXMA printers that utilize PG-245, PG-245XL, CL-246 and CL-246XL ink cartridge

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Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack In-Depth Review

By our senior writer: Samy Heres

I've been waiting to write this article for a long time. But today I actually get to review the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack! I, Samy Heres, write about appliances for a living as a writer, blogger and reviewer and you have probably read my pieces about the Jura 64308 Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablet - Original by Jura and the LIFX - A19 - 3rd Generation by Smart Home. I also did an editorial piece on the Simpson Swan Secure T16N250FNB 16-Gauge Straight 316 Stainless Steel 2-1/2-Inch Finish Nails, 500 Per Box by Simpson Swan Secure. Needless to say, I have quite some experience testing appliances and I only want the best to my readers of course. So I was really thrilled when I got this product to write about today!


I am really happy to finally be reviewing the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack and writing1 this review for you guys for I've been using Canon products for over 8 years now and I was really excited when I found out they came out with the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack. Of course I looked where I can get it the cheapest, and I always find it on this website. This time it was the deal from Walmart (The deal can be bought here.) and I saw it was the best deal on the internet. So I didn't think twice and and ordered it there. Luckily for me at Walmart they had same day delivery and free shipping so I didn't have to wait long for my package to arive. When it did, I couldn't wait to open it and finally see my brand spanking new Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack. I immediately saw it had totally been worth the wait. On the chance of sounding quite a bit biassed being a longtime Canon fan, this product really crushes its competitors, which you can feel immediately when opening the package. I feel like I know enough about the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack to write this review after testing it for a couple of days now. So keep reading and I will show you why I am so happy with my new Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack.

Best Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack deal


I always start my reviews about appliances with a summary, then a clear list of the pros and cons after which I'll give my rating and conclusion. So as you may have understood from the intro, I am blown away by the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack. Canon has really outdone itself on this one. The quality is great, and frankly; it just looks awesome. I know aesthetics aren't everything with appliances, but it just needs to be said. Of course the price I got at Walmart was and is unbeatable so make sure to check them out when you decide to buy one yourself. As I have tried many alternatives before, I really got to say they are no match for the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack. Just the functionalities alone beats all competitors and the durability also seems to be top notch. The customer service of Canon2 is famous for being really generous so if you ever run in to any kind of problem with their products they're always really lenient with finding a solution. Long story short; not much negative to say about the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack really. Make sure to read to the end tho because you might be in for a small surprise!


The list of pros of this Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack is going to be much longer than the conslist and the description3 this site gives already lists them quite well. To quote just an excerpt: "
Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack:

  • Pigment-based ink formulation for long-lasting dark blacks
  • Dye-based ink formulation for beautiful colors
  • Fully compatible replacement for PG-245 black ink cartridges and CL-246 color ink cartridges
  • Genuine Canon ink cartridges allow free access to premium content via Creative Park Premium
  • FINE (Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) Technology
  • Compatible with PIXMA printers that utilize PG-245, PG-245XL, CL-246 and CL-246XL ink cartridge
  1. Canon PG CL GP Combo
  2. Ink Formulation
  3. Longlasting Dark BlacksDyebased
  4. The quality is unmatched.
  5. The looks are stunning.
  6. The price of $41.99 is a bargain compared to the competition.
  7. Canon is leading the market when it comes to appliances.
  8. The durability is great, so it's good for the environment.
  9. No other product coming out in this price range will be comparable for the coming months if not years.


When thinking of cons for the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack I had a way harder time. Sure, lower prices is always better4 and do you really need this premium quality? That's for yourself to decide. Here is the list:

  1. Maybe the way the product looks is not to your taste.
  2. It's a premium product so maybe you don't need this level of quality.
  3. The Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack is so popular that soon everybody will have one.

Best Canon product in years


Considering everything I wrote before you won't be surprised that I give the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack 5 stars, 10/10 an and an A++. In reviews I've read by professionals5 saying that it's just too good to be true I found that they maybe were a bit envious of the success of Canon and they just can't comprehend the awesomeness of the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack.


Verdict and Conclusion

In conclusion, my verdict is that the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack really will make your life more fun and just better altogether. (And did I mention the resale value6 of Canon products?) I've done my utmost to view this thing from all possible angles in this piece but I see it sounds all very positive. So please read some more reviews, and you'll see that it's not me that is so enthusiast. So let me just say is that I fully, fully, recommend the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack for now and the future until Canon will come up with its successor. And if you are still hesitating whether you want this new Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack. Walmart really has a great deal on it now. They have the Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack on sale HERE for the record low of $41.99. But enough reading. Just go get it and admire your very own, very new Canon PG-243/CL-244 GP-601 Combo Pack!

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I received the Canon Pixma TS5120 BK Printer as a free sample to review and here is my honest review of the printer. Overall I really enjoyed the printer. It came with two ink cartridges to start, 1 black and 1 multicolored. I loved the fact that the printer only has two ink cartridges as in the past I have had printers that had a black and 3 or more colored cartridges. I initially had a difficult time installing the cartridges as the cartridge holder would not move to the center of the printer for me to install right away. I had to shut it off and turn it back on a few times in order to get the ink cartridge holder to move. However, once I figured that out it was very easy to install the ink cartridges. I simply removed the tape and popped them in. It also didn't take long to get ready to print, within seconds it was ready. In the past I have had printers that would take five minutes or more to "charge" the ink and this was not the case for the Pixma TS5120. The instructions that came with the book made it simple to print from my computer. I printed out many colored photos for art projects for my children for school. The printing was great quality and it didn't take long either. I did have a hard time getting the printer to print from my phone. The instructions were not very clear. I think it would have been easier if there had been step by step instructions. One of the reasons I think I had a hard time is because there were no instructions on how to set up the wi-fi. I had to figure out wi-fi on my own which entailed me going through all the buttons on the printer. But once I did get it set up, it worked great! The picture quality was once again excellent. I printed out a few colored pictures. One thing I was amazed about was the fact that we printed a ton of high quality pictures as well as black and white documents before the printer started showing the ink getting low. And even still I can still print more. I was very pleased with this because I think this would be an excellent printer for art projects and printing out pictures. The quality of the pictures was extremely clear and we were just using regular paper. I think this printer would make photo quality pictures if glossy paper is used. One thing that I didn't like was the fact that the printer asks you to confirm the paper type every time you print. I thought that was a bit odd considering each time it was the same paper. Another thing that I didn't like was that I didn't know which paper feeder to put the paper in. There is a top feeder and a drawer underneath and at first the printer was calling for me to put paper in the bottom drawer but then it wanted me to put the paper in the top feeder. I also didn't like that you have to pull out the front of the printer in order for things to print. I tend to print a lot from a place where I am not close to the printer so having to get up to open it every time seems like a waste of my time. However, with the amount that the printer prints, the quality that it prints, the ease of use, the use of the scanner, printer and copier, and the fact that it only has two ink cartridges to deal with, I think the other things are minor. I would give this printer a 4 stars out of 5.


A Great All-In-One Wirless/Mobile Printer

I received this Canon PIXMA TS5120 BK Printer free to sample. After using it now for a couple weeks I am extremely happy with the printing quality, specifically pictures, and I love the wireless mobile printing. It was so simple to setup on all of my devices (computer, cellphone and tablet). The Canon Print app makes it so easy to use on a phone or tablet. It makes it very easy to handle any task you would need. Overall I would give this a 5 out of 5.


Using the TS5120 -- Setup and First Impressions

First off, the unboxing and installation process: As to unboxing, the printer was well-packaged, with appropriate foam inserts and boxed cord, cartridges, install guides and CD, paper samples, and related materials. No problems here and the printer should travel well in its original box to your destination (as it did to mine). The installation process was straight forward and the small color LCD screen provided step-by-step guidance in terms of getting the printer ready for software updates/connections. The printer comes with two ink cartridges – both “Fine” – in black and color. (This is a two-cartridge printer – You do not replace these with the primary ink colors required for some inkjet printers -- such as the Canon iX6820, etc.) I am not sure what sort of ink life to expect from the factory cartridges as sometimes these seem less-than-full, but that remains to be seen. The set-up (via CD for Win 10) was straight forward and without surprises. You can opt out of the “Extended Survey” and avoid downloading the survey program. (I did this, sorry Canon.) It appears that you cannot initially opt-out of installing the Canon Image Garden software. This downloaded image creating/editing software took some time to download and I’m not sure if it was simply this way (with a fast iNet connection) or hampered by my simultaneous use of audio editing software for another project I was working on – not related to this review. The good news is that you CAN opt-out of installing this software later in the setup process. As noted, I installed the printer for use with a Win 10 desktop and it was easy enough. I also went through the process of installing this on my Android phone (using the provided QR code), but could have done so also through Google Play. (I did not install for IOS.) In both cases, the printer found the network SSID and was quick to connect via wifi – nice. Use of the printer: I printed test images on the Canon TS5120 – in both color and black ink. The black ink image was in comparison to a 600 DPI laser printer and I feel the comparison is very good, actually better than another inkjet printer I also use. So, I feel confident that business use, even fussy needs with small fonts, will look good. I printed a color picture and the results were very good, with accurate color, contrast, and fine resolution on photo paper. I was relieved to see that one can use both the front feed tray and rear feed tray – keeping one with business papers and the other with photo paper, etc. This is a nice, time-saving touch. I was also impressed with the automatic duplex (two-sided) printing which comes standard on the TS5120 – no need to flip paper and manually reload it for two-sided work. It was slick and a paper-saving advantage that the printer provides for home use (like printing recipes) and for business handouts and flyers. The copy function was simple and easy – no need for much detail here. Just select the COPY option on the front LCD screen, load your original and follow the directions you see. Nice. The SCAN function (in my test) was operated from the Canon Utilities installed earlier when the CD was inserted/used earlier. I’m not a fan of scanning (on any platform), but it was pretty easy when you followed the somewhat intuitive interface in the software (on a PC). I can’t say if the same would be true from a tablet/phone – so, don’t hold me on that one. Final comments: I did my setup and this review of the TS5120 printer as it sat on a small table next to my desktop. I was surprised how much shaking the printer caused on this small table. No, it wasn’t going to fall off, but it did jiggle back-and-forth. This surprised me – and not pleasantly so. I will be moving the printer to a more stable spot after finishing this review! And one more thing: I think users will like the rather small footprint of the TS5120. Finally, to be transparent, I received this printer in exchange for this honest review. There you go.


Quality sleek looking printer

I received the Canon PIXMA TS5120 BK Printer for free by mail, in exchange for my review of the product. I was happy with the overall look and modern compact style of this printer. The directions were extremely clear and easy to follow. Set up was a breeze, unlike other printers I have purchased in the past. A few mins and its ready! Ink cartridges were easy to install as well. The only delay was setting up the Wifi but, this wasn't too time consuming. I loved the bluetooth capability, being able to so conveniently print from my smart phone or tablet is a huge plus for me. I have used this printer to print out copies of my kids photos to send off to family and the resolution and crisp quality in each photo has been consistant. The only part of the printer that I am a bit concerned about is the fold out arm in the tray, it is a bit flimsy and seems like it could break easily. I currently own and use a laser printer but, am equally as happy with this printer and will continue to use regularly.